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Auckland builders are busier than ever before; in fact, the New Zealand Certified Builders Association found that workloads increased by 40 per cent in 2015-16. The rest of the country is no different, with builders shouldering 15 per cent more. 

Smartfit offers an alternative easy-to-install builders window.

With so many opportunities available to New Zealand builders and other construction specialists, the more time that can be cut from a build, the more money there is to make. Finding ways to reduce wasted time and improve overall efficiency demands innovative solutions to age old problems, such as complex house windows.

To ensure that Altus Window Systems continues to cut the time and money that clients invest in their work, we developed the revolutionary Smartfit® Window Technology. 

Benefits of smart-fitting a window

New Zealanders are known for their aptitude for building. It's in our blood. However, this doesn't preclude mistakes. A 2015 study by BRANZ found that 84 per cent of new home owners called back their builder to fix defects after their first occupancy. For builders, this can suck time from their day and add costs to the initial build as new materials and labour are needed to repair defects. 

One way to overcome some of these problems is investing in innovative solutions. Smartfit is the simpler, easier and less time-consuming way to fit windows and doors. The ready-to-fit system is delivered with built-in flashings, jamb flashings, cavity closers, end dams, sill support bars and intelligent water management features.

Rather than going through the usual process, Smartfit applications can be installed immediately after delivery. Fitting the window consists of placing it into the hole and screwing it into position through a fixing fin. The flipside of this is that builders no longer have to worry about internal tapes, PEF rods and expanding foams or silicones. 

Recognised innovation

The Smartfit technology has been acknowledged for its innovative edge. It was a finalist in the Innovation in Design and Engineering category at the 2015 New Zealand Innovation Awards, while also taking out bronze at the 2015 Best Design Awards.

What's more, it is the only window installation system in New Zealand to attain Branz Appraisal. The award means that it complies with the country's building code and guarantees approval from the Building Consent Authority. 

If you are looking for ways to expand the number of jobs you undertake, make sure you talk to the experts at Altus Window Systems today. With a focus on innovative products, we deliver cost-savings to our clients, while offering them more time to spend on new builds.