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Nulook™, established over half a century ago, is a nationwide network of independently owned licensed window and door fabrication businesses. It is the most comprehensive business of its kind operating under one brand in New Zealand.
Nulook™ has grown through development, acquisition, and amalgamation of the Barker, Rolls, and Circle brands, and more recently the addition of a number of conversions from competing brands as they seek to capitalise on, and benefit from the Altus Window Systems product range and fabricator support.
The experienced Nulook™ network takes great pride in the integrity of the service and products it provides to its customers. Quality control systems ensure licensees maintain Nulook™’s reputation for excellent service.

Nulook™ - Designed for life

Nulook™ offers a range of products specifically suited to New Zealand’s diverse climate and conditions.

Patented Connection System

Our lead residential joinery systems are manufactured using Altus Window Systems patented connection system, to give you more secure weathertight joinery. This unique patented connector system is considered by many in the New Zealand building industry to be the most innovative available. Whilst these systems are unseen by the homeowner, they provide peace of mind that their asset is secure and will be well protected for years to come.

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Technical Advice

Nulook™ manufacturers are extremely experienced when it comes to aluminium joinery, having a wealth of experience in addressing specifier's design requests and meeting requirements on a daily basis.
Your local manufacturer can provide practical advice on technical issues involving manufacturing and installation and can also advise on product performance capability.
Manufacturer advice is highly practical and therefore recommended in the first instance.


Join the Team - Become a Licensed Fabricator

As an Altus Window Systems licensed fabricator, you’ll unleash the full resources of an industry leader in manufacturing. We’re committed to making your business a success by giving you access to reliable supply chains, innovative products, advanced production systems, quality tools, customised business software and business experts.