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Installing new house windows and doors can be a lengthy process. It's an important one nonetheless, since the views you have are a key factor in making a home comfortable. 

So, how can building professionals make the process of installing new fitted windows and doors faster? 

Communication is key

To deliver quality work, effective communication needs to be a non-negotiable.

Whether you are replacing or inserting new doors and windows, communication remains at the heart of it all. In order to deliver quality work, effective communication should therefore be a non-negotiable throughout the entire building process. 

The exact style, material and dimensions required for the project is one of the first critical decisions the home owner and construction professional need to specify. However, the internal communication chain of determining schedules and change orders is just as important as this influences when a builder can come onsite to install the windows and doors. 

Beyond communication, the actual hands-on installation needs to be efficient as well. 

What processes are currently in place

The Window and Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ) Guide to window installation lists the entire process of fitting a window or door into a wall opening. From the preliminary check right through to head flashing, the guide serves as a step-by-step road map. 

WGANZ created the document in an attempt to make the installation process of windows and doors not only more transparent but easier for professionals and their clients. However, as technology continues to evolve it might be time to re-evaluate whether there are more efficient ways to install windows and doors.

Making installation easier

An important factor of this is the kind of materials that are used for the product. For example, a ready-to-fit window system like Smartfit arrives with already built-in head flashings, jamb flashings, end dams, sill support bars, cavity closers and water management features. 

This eliminates the need to handle expanding foams and silicones, internal tapes and PEF rods. Of course this also reduces the time spent handling waste and other materials, drastically improving the process of windows installation. 

When your communication is on point, you might want to consider the type of materials you use for window and door installations. At Fletcher, efficiency and quality are a priority, so feel free to reach out to our team to discuss how you can benefit from different types of products from our range.