Sliding & Stacker Windows & Doors 41Architectural



Maximum sizes for Sliding and Stacker windows and doors vary by width, height, wind zone, and glazing requirement. Your local Nulook fabricator will be able to advise you whether a configuration is possible or contact the Altus Technical Support.

As a guide 41Architectural™ Sliding and Stacker door panels of up to 2400mm high by 1600mm wide are attainable with the standard rail. Larger panel sizes up to 2700mm high can be achieved using the wide rail (124mm). Fixed panels of similar sizes are achieveable.

Frame Types

  • One piece outside sliding door and window frames with 19mm flange and 40mm sill (which can be rebated into some floors).
  • The two piece Stacker design allows for multiple panels to be added.
  • The outside slider wide track design allows for larger panels to move more freely on the track and provides a cleaner surface appearance.

Glazing Beads and Panel Types

  • Pocketed door panels can take up to 24mm IGUs.
  • Beaded window panels can be glazed with 30mm IGUs.
  • Door stiles are designed for mortise locks sets which improve security.


A standard range of flashings include 95mm, 84mm,71mm, 68mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 45mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm, 25mm and 14mm. These have been designed to comply with E2/AS1 Amendment 6 requirements.


Refer to your local manufacturer for advice. Stiles will only fit Mortise locks. In addition to the usual range of pull handles, many specialist designs can be created.

Support Inquiries

Altus Technical 0800 685 665 or email